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Frozen Lime Pie

The Frozen Lime Pie will keep in the freezer for up to 3 days and came from my mother’s neighbors for 30 years, Bob and Margie Beardsley, who are incredible cooks. There is always something new cookin’ at the Beardsleys. I almost passed by this recipe since it uses Cool Whip.

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Gourmet Banana Chocolate Tart

Flavor is the ultimate imperative. Take three delicious flavor innovations, exotic yet homespun at the same time—lime, banana, and chocolate. What makes an uncooked pie taste so darned good? The flavors. The cold creamy textures really add to the esthetic joy of devouring a slice.

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Spring is Here-Rhubarb Desserts

I spied the first field-grown rhubarb in the produce section the other day and that means local grown rhubarb will be showing up at the farmer’s market as well. What a treat for the seasonal pie maker. If I don’t have time, I will make a crisp, even a small one for two.

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