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Strudel for the Rest of Us

I’m envious of strudel makers. They mix up this little fist-sized ball of dough, then start rolling it out with a rolling pin like a pie dough on the kitchen table covered with a clean bed sheet. It ends up as thin as tissue paper and as large as a cloak, hanging over the edges of the table, and they do this magic thing by just gently pulling it with their fingertips.

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A Quartet of Savory Holiday Side Dishes

While turkey, stuffing, and pies are easy for most holiday cooks, the one portion of the meal that can really be challenging year after year is the side dishes. Certainly everyone has perennial family favorites, the ones made over and over. But sometimes you want to try something new…

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Convenience Foods Make Weeknight Cooking a Snap

Poultry is the ultimate weeknight supper. But how to jazz up the old standbys and not add alot of time in the process? Enter the boneless chicken breast since the bone-in breasts and legs cook at drastically different times. They cook exceptionally fast and are extremely versatile.

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Beth Bytes/Sujata’s Curried Chicken Wings

There is some hot news this week. My personal website, bethhensperger.com is launched and ready for visitors! The website is a composite of my publishing history with four publishers and a catalog of all my books from the last 25 years, while at the same time being a companion to the more active weekly blog here at Harvard Common Press’s notyourmotherscookbooks.com.

I spent time remembering and writing about what each book meant to me and quips from when I was writing it. There are two free recipes from each book (we all love free treats). There is a marketplace where I am letting you in on my favorite equipment, the real deal, not advertising…

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