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My Life in A Grain of Rice and How I Found My Rice Cooker

“Your first look at the rice cooker can be a bit confusing, especially with the digital face on a fuzzy logic machine. But the procedure is exactly the same with all models: choose a recipe, assemble your ingredients, measure and wash the rice, load the rice bowl, add the water, close the cover, plug in, and press the button.”

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Creamed Corn and Parmesan Risotto

The wedding dinner was held after the sunset ceremony. The vegetarian option was a vegetable risotto. Now you are wondering how to make risotto for over a hundred people.

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Veal Stew with Champagne

Champagne is a wonderful complement to veal and makes a lovely flavorful stew. It is a great use for leftover champagne. Veal makes a milder stew than beef or venison. Serve this Italian style, with risotto.

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