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Coffee and Cake

I remember being turned on to freshly roasted specialty coffee in the early 1970s. It is was in San Francisco’s North Beach at the bohemian Cafe Trieste, a bustling coffee house opened in 1956 by an Italian fisherman’s son to serve cappucinos and those decadent, delicious Italian pastries that are so flakey when fresh and scatter crumbs all over the table after every bite. Shortly after, Peet’s opened in Berkeley and Menlo Park and people lined up to buy their coffee beans every day of the week. I traveled in Guatemala and the mountains were planted with coffee. But every food stall and restaurant table had a jar of Nescafe instant coffee. I would walk on the beach in Champerico after traveling at Lake Atitlan and watch the boats be loaded with the sacks of beans.

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Cooking for A Crowd: Dessert with the Vampires (Move Over Count Dracula)

One of my favorite characters in literature and movies is Count Dracula, the vampire from the Transylvanian Alps of Eastern Europe. Obviously I am not alone since the media is thick with pop Gothic vampire regalia.

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