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Marinades 101: The Savory Summer Treat

When grilling (as well as roasting or broiling for that matter) meat, chicken, fish or vegetables, marinating is essential. We all collect at least one or two great marinade recipes. They also add flavor to meat and help keep everything moist.

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Blondie is Far More Than a Musical Rock Group

Most people have never heard of Murray Jaffe. But if you shop at stores that stock mainstream natural foods like Whole Foods, you are familiar with products from a company called Barbara’s. From the best instant mashed potatoes (yes, there is such a thing–I use them in bread machine recipes all the time) to dry cereals with no refined sugar, the man who conceived, created, and promoted the products is Murray Jaffe. The moniker Barbara is the name of his daughter.

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The Baker: Chinatown Green Onion Cakes

Staple Chinese breads are made with wheat, as in areas of Central Asia, they grow crops similar to the ones on our Great Plains. Since most Chinese homes had only a rudimentary kitchen or cooked outdoors over an open fire, the type of breads they make reflect this. Savory bread rounds leavened with baking powder are often baked on griddles over an open fire, and are assertively seasoned with scallions, garlic, lots of sesame seeds, or peppercorns.

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