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The Rice Cooker: Steam Me A Pud

I started making steamed puddings in my restaurant days. Barbara Hiken brought in a recipe from one of the waitresses for persimmon pudding and we made it that day. And never made another recipe since it was so darn good. But you have to wait for the persimmon season to get the puree to make it since persimmons are a fruit that is not canned or frozen commercially.

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Professional Quality Mixers Have a Place in Our Kitchens

Home bakers usually all have a portable hand mixer in their equipment pantry; it is an essential tool since it makes the task of beating mixtures a snap. But hand mixers, which are perfect for whipping a cup of heavy cream, frosting for one cake, or mashed potatoes for six, have their limits due to their low power output.

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Gorgeous Bundt Cakes- Cranberry Orange Pound Cake

Ever since its debut in the 1950s, the bundt cake pan has become de rigeur in every baker’s equipment stable. Originally a whimsical alternate to the smooth angel food cake tube pan, the bundt mold with its fetching large-lobed flute design transforms a simple tube cake into a gourmet gateaux by visuals alone.

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