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Blondie is Far More Than a Musical Rock Group

Most people have never heard of Murray Jaffe. But if you shop at stores that stock mainstream natural foods like Whole Foods, you are familiar with products from a company called Barbara’s. From the best instant mashed potatoes (yes, there is such a thing–I use them in bread machine recipes all the time) to dry cereals with no refined sugar, the man who conceived, created, and promoted the products is Murray Jaffe. The moniker Barbara is the name of his daughter.

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Slow Cooker Vegetarian Black Bean Chili

There is chili and there is chili. Chili used to mean Texas style with meat and beans. Enter the vegetarians and the use of dried black beans, as called turtle beans, an integral part of Central American and Cuban cookery. They are easily found in the dried bean and rice section of the supermarket. Black bean chili was born and it has become probably the most beloved of all vegetarian dishes.

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