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All About Homemade Pasta

Pasta is a dish that is gloriously impromptu, especially with a batch of your good sauce in the freezer, and is popular because of its good nutrition, quick preparation, and well, it just tastes so good. In Not Your Mother’s Slow Cooker Cookbook, NYMSC Entertaining, and NYMSC Family Favorites, we have given you a nice handful of Italian-style sauces. We say Italian-style since pasta and its wonderful sauces are now thoroughly part of American cuisine, despite it being an import. You have your choice as to using commercially made fresh pasta available packaged in the supermarket, buying fresh pasta from an Italian market or pasta shop, or using dried.

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The Thanksgiving Roll Basket

It is the very fresh, golden brown, tender dinner roll that dominates a fully provisioned traditional Thanksgiving table. My favorite holiday of the year, Thanksgiving is the only holiday devoted entirely to enjoying food. It is a time to share a meal with family and guests, as well as showcasing some of your culinary specialties.

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The Baker: Russian Challah (Jewish Egg Bread)

This is my friend Ilana Sharum’s grandmother’s recipe from Russia, which she had transcribed over the phone to me from her recipe written in cursive Hebrew. It is one of my most treasured recipes and I make it for just about every special occasion. There is a saying that when you make this traditional bread (every Friday), you are creating an atmosphere, not just food.

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