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Cobb Salad

I have had many Cobbs in my life, since it is an all-time favorite salad. Cobb Salad was created in the legendary Brown Derby restaurant in Los Angeles (which was constructed like an oversized hut), and its patronage included old Hollywood from the 40s and 50s, and new Hollywood faces from the 60s and 70s.

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Old-fashioned Tea Party/Tea Sandwiches-1

A ritual that has come right up from the Victorian times into the 21st century with all its charm is the afternoon tea ritual. If you visit a grand hotel, elegant department store, museum, or café that has a sign advertising a “Tea Room” or “Salon de Thé,” you will be offered a formal Cream Tea, a little meal sandwiched between lunch and dinner.

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Julia’s Potato Leek Soup Adapted for the Slow Cooker

Potato Leek Soup is the workhorse of the French kitchen and has sustained many a soul on a cold night. What is quite remarkable is that you put a potato, a leek, cover with water and it just cooks up…

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