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The Original Tunnel of Fudge Cake

The Tunnel of Fudge Cake is somewhat of a legend in cake making land and precursor to the now-hot restaurant dessert of individual chocolate cakes with a oozing, under baked center that looks like a thick sauce. Tunnel of Fudge was a Pillsbury Bake

Its still going strong/ the 44th Pillsbury Bake Off for home cooks last April at the Waldorf Astoria Orlando hotel/photo courtesy of FoodGal Carolyn Jung, who was a judge for the Sweet Things category/the grand prize is a cool $1 Mil Cash

Off Winner decades ago and has never lost its appeal.

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Professional Quality Mixers Have a Place in Our Kitchens

Home bakers usually all have a portable hand mixer in their equipment pantry; it is an essential tool since it makes the task of beating mixtures a snap. But hand mixers, which are perfect for whipping a cup of heavy cream, frosting for one cake, or mashed potatoes for six, have their limits due to their low power output.

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Chocolate Cake of the Month: Cookie and Cake with Heart

You want some dessert, but are satisfied with a few cookies or a slice of cake, not more than that. And you don’t want it hanging around the house for days, worrying about eating too much, have to give away the rest, or have to freeze it. If you are half of a couple or live alone, small batch baking is not a new concept for you, but a practical way to bake.

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